Friday, February 8, 2008

Writer's Block: The Overtones Project

The guys from the band formerly known as Fusion, got back together lately to jam. No rehearsals, no theatrics - this is just how the guys have fun (though I think the person who took these videos could have done a much better job).
This is their jam of Morocco/St. Elsewhere, Louisiana Sunday Afternoon/Feels So Good, Emily/Pick Up The Pieces, and The Power of Cool - featuring Arch. Jonnie Abubo (sax), music vet Egay "Teng" Buning (guitar), piano teacher Teddy Liberato (who has to settle for keyboards here), and wife of my childhood friend - Pia Trinidad (vocals). Joining them are my neighbors Jess Brazil (drums) and Jerry (his last name escapes me - also on guitar), Dr. Ronnie Paraan (soprano sax), and photographer Rick Maniquis (guitar/back-up vocals).

Morocco/St. Elsewhere

Emily/Pick Up The Pieces

The Power of Cool

About the band:
For those who were old enough to recall - you may remember these guys from the days of Songs (Patria de Baguio) in the 80s/early 90s.
Well since then, the guys have moved around a lot (duh). I caught them at Cafe San Luis in the late 90s and pretty much followed them around like a groupie over the past ten years (?).
Finally Jonnie put up his own music school where he teaches young kids to play the sax and seduce girls with the "dagger look". At night, the school transforms into a bar where the band just jams.
The guys still maintain their low profile despite their high profile contacts in the music industry - mainly because they've got families/careers to think about, and for them - it's just all about the music. Darn, I miss these guys. - wmf
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