Sunday, February 3, 2008

Writer's Block: Taking Men Out of the Life Cycle

Scientists from the University of Newcastle announced that they have managed to create sperm using a female embryonic stem cell (from bone marrow), thus raising questions on whether men will one day be irrelevant to the survival of the human race.
Bad news for men in general , and supposedly good news for women who are either (a) lesbian or (b) single and have no luck with men.
But before women start jumping for joy, the report has not mentioned anything on whether the sperm can actually (a) fertilize an egg (b) undergo meiosis and (c) contain the right amount of genetic material to produce a normal, healthy offspring.
In 2006, researches claim that experiments have already been conducted on mice with sperm created from male cells. The mice produced seven pups, but one died and the other six had health problems.
Since then, scientists started working on female cells - probably because if a man has to be strapped to a chair, gagged and maybe even held at gunpoint just to give up his sperm (every woman's fairy tale dream!) - then how in the world could she convince him to give her his bone marrow?
But what will this world be like if men are no longer needed to make babies? I guess there's a good way and a bad way to look at this.
If the scientists succeed, I suppose commitment-phobe men would no longer have to worry about women looking at them as a potential father to their child. (whew!) Now with that out of the way, the only thing they have to worry about would be if the woman's after their wallet - but hey, it would be one less thing to worry about, wouldn't it? - wmf