Friday, March 7, 2008

Writer's Block: Can you read my mind?

Soon - so scientists claim - computers will be able to tell what you are looking at by reading your mind.
Scientists have used a "functional magnetic resonance imaging machine"- or a real-time brain scanner - to record the mental activity of a person looking at thousands of random pictures.
With those recordings, researchers built a computational model for predicting the mental patterns elicited by looking at a photograph.
Eventually, they claim, this model "could be harnessed for something akin to mind reading".
As if human relations wasn't complicated enough. Count on scientists to stir in more trouble by finding ways to let people know what's on your mind.
Apparently these scientists don't believe that some things are better left unsaid - like how you keep your music blasting from your earphones because the dum-dum who sits at the desk behind you has a voice so annoying, it makes you want to pull your hair out. - wmf