Saturday, March 15, 2008

Writer's Block: March 14

Who would have known that yesterday, March 14 - was a packed day.
For the geeks out there - it was Pi Day, a "celebration of the mathematical ratio that man has been trying to unlock for millennia".
How did they come up with the date for the famous constant, you ask? The rough ratio of pi 3.14 gives us the date for Pi Day.
Do the math.
Incidentally, Pi Day coincides with Albert Einstein's birthday, and in the full opposite of genius - Steak and Blow Job Day.
If you've never heard of this day, rest well you aren't alone. What you do on this day I think is already self-explanatory, but generally it's a day when women are supposed to show their -ahem- "affection" for their man.
In other words, it's payback time for the obligatory card, teddy (both kinds, and depending on your mental age), roses, chocolate, and dinner out a month previous.
Not that Valentine's Day* is all that great to begin with. * Most people don't know this - but Valentines is a day couples came up with to remind single people that they are alone. Unfortunately we don't know who said that. - wmf