Sunday, April 6, 2008

Writer's Block: "Unsubscribe me from your Internet"

Here's an honest-to-goodness letter sent by snail mail to this guy, asking him to "unsubscribe" her from the Internet because it gets full all the time.
Reminds me of how difficult it was to explain to my 92-year old grandmother what I do for a living. It was almost as hard as trying to explain to her how I earned a living working for the wires. So I told her I work with newspapers and computers.
She's proud of course - despite her lack of comprehension. But she says she'd rather see me a) doing a "woman's job" where I can sit at a desk all day and look pretty (her very own words), b) work as a news anchor on TV, or c) marry a rich doctor and give her great grandchildren.
Sorry grandma...fat chance. -wmf

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