Monday, August 18, 2008

Writer's Block: As I walk away

As I walk away
from you and me
I say farewell
to haunting images
hot cups of coffee
after a brief hide and seek,
an afternoon rub,
flirty eyes
over a cold, quickie meal
wrinkled noses, late afternoon chats
of dreams and ambitions.

Tongues entwined, tasting each other
tete-a-tete, lazy french kisses
soft, sweet and wet
like melted pieces of chocolate
under the hot afternoon sun
only in great quantities.

No more shall there be
long walks
on cold, rainy afternoons,
teddy bear cuddles,
soft whispers that tickle the ears,
the playing of feet,
teasing and tickling,
weak knees, intimidating glares,
endless fights
and sweet making-ups,
a cold shoulder, and
a warm embrace.
And then I forget…
Why is it that I'm walking away?

Wendy Ferrer
(2000, All Rights Reserved)