Thursday, August 13, 2009

Writer's Block: Sweet things

I'm usually not one to go for flattery. People normally flatter others to get something, like when a stranger says you have beautiful eyes at the train station and tries to get your number.

But there are some things that are just plain sweet that can make any girl's day.

After a bad morning at the office, it was a pleasant surprise to get a compliment from a total stranger with no strings attached. As I walk up to get myself a cup of tea, the man at the counter smiles and tells me I look like heaven.

Of course, I felt far from that due to the lack of sleep, a stress-headache and hell of a morning. Men can always say how pretty you are all the time when they want something, but this was different. It was just sweet.

The man at the counter who handed me my tea thought I was pretty. What a happy pill.