Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mental Notes: Musical Rules Of Thumb

Can't really say if all these are true, but it's interesting nonetheless.

1. If you like a new song when you first get it, you'll tire of it in four weeks; if you hate it at first, you'll like it in about six months; if you feel indifferent about it, you'll always feel that way.
2. The first string that breaks on a guitar is usually the high E (1st string); next likely to break are the D and G strings (3rd and 4th).
3. Music played on a high-quality musical instrument sounds better no matter who's playing.
4. You will not tire of your music collection if you have 200 cds or more.
5. You'll like an album if you like at least one-fourth of the songs on it.
6. If you're playing improvised music and flub a note or phrase in a scale, repeat the mistake and there is none.