Monday, October 5, 2009

Mental Notes: Weird apartments, anyone?

My best friend once rented an apartment that looked like a hall, with the kitchen and dining area at the right and the bedrooms at the left. The living room looked like the lobby of a clinic that had something that looked like a stage. It also had an odd orange kitchen that had shelves that look like they were a display cabinet for a store.

I have to be frank. I never really had to rent an apartment until my later 20s. I moved to Manila and found a studio apartment that had this tiny room that felt more like a storage room than a bedroom. But the studio was better than the one I found in a condo that was just square with no windows.

Until that time, I never really considered how strange some apartments can get.

I am now living in a country where people generally live in buildings due to the land area. It is a modern city, but as I went apartment-hunting (something I've done about three times since I moved here) -- I found that there is no shortage of strange apartments.

Fact is stranger than fiction. Before I got my first apartment here, I went through the tedious task of viewing several flats.

One of the firsts an agent took me to was at the top floor of this really old, filthy building. The apartment was supposed to have a good city view. Unfortunately, it was too much of a view.

The apartment had huge office-sized windows that ran through two sides of the apartment -- which included the toilet and bath.

While I appreciated the view -- I didn't really relish the idea of the city getting full view of me in the shower.

Nevermind that the kitchen was right in front of the bathroom door. You can't get down to business at all without the whole world knowing what you're up to...and that includes what you do in the confines of that apartment. Either that or spend a several hundred dollars on heavy drapes or blinds.

But this was just one of them. Another apartment I viewed was in a cozy location, but had a very odd layout. There was plenty wrong with this one too, however what stood out was the bathroom that looked like a hall. It was a step up from the rest of the apartment, and you are greeted by the shower. In another step up is the 'throne' where I could have my royal subjects bring my pipe, bowl and fiddlers three.

There are plenty more stories where that came from, but here is a nice blog of strange houses you may want to stay away from -- not necessarily in one city/country.

The apartment here is one of the several weird flats that will make you think -- what the heck were they thinking?!?!?!

Because sometimes it can be lonely on the throne...