Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mental Notes: Slobs

Men usually get the bad rap for hygiene. They usually take the puns (and nagging) for icky habits women are known to hate. But on the flip side, not all women are all prim and polished either.

While the general assumption is that women are cleanaholics and health & hygiene conscious -- there are exemptions to the rule. Some women are closet slobs too.

We're not talking about stuff like "not-being-able-to-do-dishes-or-mop-the-floor-because-I'm-busy". We're talking about habits that some people actually bring to work/to the outside world that actually spread germs and/or annoy everyone.

1. Not flushing. No. it's not always the man who forgets. Some women just don't flush. The clogging in the bathroom -- yep, sometimes it IS her fault, fellas.

If a man ever had the guts to enter a public/office restroom -- he'd notice that some women leave a ton of toilet paper in the bowl and don't get rid of the evidence by pressing down on that magnificent modern invention of mankind called "the flush".

2. Not washing their hands. Oh yeah, some women will carry hand sanitizers and fret about how meat is bad for her while snacking on an apple -- but she's actually eating it with a handful of germs from the public bathroom. Yum!

3. Snorting. Yes, some women do snort -- intentionally. Lord knows why -- maybe to show how "one-of-the-boys" she is. But no one really wants to hear this from a man -- much more for a woman. Okay -- fine. This may not be unhygienic. But it's nasty nonetheless.

4. Spitting. A man once told me he was walking behind this really sexy woman. He was about to approach her, until she cleared her throat and threw out some spit.

Some other dirty habits featured in Glamour magazine.