Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Writer's Block: Fags (aka The 'F' Word)

Just so it's clear -- we're not talking about ciggies or the "third sex" here. I'm referring to annoying motorist -- usually on motorcycles or cars -- who like to make plenty of noise when they drive past. Yes, you know them -- and I hope it's not you.

To sidetrack a bit, I have a shallow side (and a not-so-surprising bitchy side) too. I like to watch South Park and a recent episode just hit the right decibels against all those attention-starved motorists who "drive by making so much noise thinking that they're cool."

Here's an excerpt from one of the scenes:

Cartman: You guys know that everyone thinks you're fags, right?

Motorcycle Rider 1: What did you say?

Cartman: You know when people like you drive around the street with your unnecessarily loud motorcycles thinking you're all cool -- everyone is actually laughing at you and calling you pathetic faggots. You do realize that, right?

Motorcycle Rider 2: Hey man, we roll how we roll, and if people are annoyed or intimidated by it -- that's too bad for them.

Cartman: No. Nobody's intimidated, actually. Everyone realizes that people who are so needy for attention they need to dress up and be as loud as possible are you guys and 16-year old girls. Just want to let you know, you're f*cking fags.

Yes, dear obnoxious and inconsiderate motorist -- fags do not refer to ciggies.

Neither does it refer to the third sex -- they don't go out of their way to ruin people's day or peaceful evening. It just refers to you.