Saturday, April 9, 2011

Writer's Block: Why Pia got the boot

In one of the biggest upsets since Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry, American Idol contestant Pia Toscano got booted out of the popular reality TV show yesterday.

Did she sing well enough? Yes. Did she perform well enough? Some argue, no. Should we really care? Not really. Mainly because it won't be the end of the world for this perceived frontrunner. Chances are, she's already caught the eye of music executives, and it's easy to see how someone with chops like Pia could sell records.

The problem with reality TV is, it's not always about talent. More often than not, it's about showmanship, and unfortunately for Pia, she stuck to ballads for a tad too long and wasn't too comfortable shaking her booty on stage as some people wanted her to.

Up to about a week ago (or two), I was scratching my head over how fellow AI contestant Naima Adedapo was even making her way through week by week just because she does some weird song and dance number.

Unfortunately Pia got the lowest number of votes from America. I guess those million guys at the bar having a million beers over her got too drunk to vote, while all the tweens with all the time in the world are still managing to save the mediocre Stefano Langone.

But then again, this is probably the same audience that voted Hudson and Daughtry out years ago. Of course now, they are quite possibly among the biggest fans.

That's pop culture for you though. - writer's block/wfcrouch