Friday, June 17, 2011

The best from "Overheard in the Newsroom"

More journalists humor from Overheard in the Newsroom:

  • #8094 Managing editor on phone: “Well, Mr. Sanchez, I assure you I’ll have one of our reporters get in touch with you… [hangs up] intern story!”
  • #8093 Print journalist: “We like to work with words.”
    Broadcaster: “We use words too.”
    Print journalist: “You mean when you read words of a story into a camera like they’re your own? I know your tricks.”
  • #8091 Photog 1 to Photog 2 regarding newbie reporter who started crying while covering a candlelight vigil for fire victims: “Your task for the rest of the month is to remove her soul.”
  • #8089 Reporter 1: “I’m missing a word here. I feel like there’s a better word.”
    Reporter 2: “There’s always a better word, you’re just not smart enough.”
  • #8087 Editor about the upcoming Weiner press conference: “I see everyone’s just waiting for Weiner to pop out again.”
  • #8086 Staffer hearing the news of Rep. Weiner’s resignation: “He’s suffering from electile dysfunction.”
  • #8077 Chief Photographer: “You make incompetent look bad.”