Saturday, July 2, 2011

The best from "Overheard in the Newsroom"

Managing Editor, after hearing a large glass break in another part of the building: “What was that?”
Photographer: “I think that was our stock.”

Editor: “Journalists and money never go together.”

“I just asked the governor a question on Twitter, I feel gross.”

New Reporter to Editor-in-Chief: “Are all of the pictures taken naturally out of focus, or is that the printer’s fault?”

Newsroom secretary: “Who do I refer this lady to on the phone who says the sunrise and sunset times are wrong in the paper?”
City editor: “God.”

After apologies for being sent a steady stream of error-riddled copy:
Copy editor: “I appreciate imperfection. It pays the rent.”

Reporter: “I don’t write inverted pyramid. I write … square.”

Dateline NBC cameraman filming newspaper reporter for segment: “Used to be that newspaper people looked down on TV people.”
Reporter: “They still do.”

Photog on phone accepting a compliment from caller: “Yep. I am leaking awesome all over this desk.”