Saturday, September 10, 2011

Best quotes from "Overheard in the Newsroom"

#8393 Editor referring to a recently filed report: “This isn’t a story. This is a Facebook update.”

#8390 Editor on increasingly bitchy online comments: “You’ve got to lighten up, folks. Get a life.”

#8483 Editor, after intern describes harrowing drive in which she narrowly avoided crashing into a multi-car crash: “Did you by any chance get a photo?”

#8395 Obit clerk: “We had an obit cancellation, so you won’t need as much space.
Copy editor: “Ooh, a resurrection. I’ll reserve space on 1A for the miracle.”

#8394 Editor, to a defiant reporter: “Go to Hell!”
Managing Editor: “Let’s try and keep it professional, okay?”
Editor: “Oh, sorry. Please go to Hell.”