Saturday, September 10, 2011

Writer's Block: Gear

Shit Photojournalists Like is a blog with that already speaks for itself. Here, they discuss gear -- not any gear of course. Camera gear.

These days, there are a whole bunch of photogs, and even among photojournalists you do get a couple of d*cks now and again. Here's how they summarized it:

1.The “Latest Thing” photojournalist
  • If it was released within the last month, there’s a strong chance that this asshole has it. Who needs a 1D Mark IV, a 5d Mark II, AND a 7D? This guy.
  • Having a conversation with this person is painful. Jargon, jargon, fps, jargon.
  • Remember, there’s a chance that even though this photog is using a fucking D3bonermachine or whatever, their pictures will still be boring as hell.
2. The “It’s Not About the Equipment” photojournalist
  • More likely than not, this photographer is very insecure about their equipment, and/or doesn’t know how to use it. Therefore, this person will categorize every person with technical knowledge or nice equipment a snob.
  • Having a conversation with this person can also be painful. “What is this elusive ‘ISO’ of which you speak?”
  • Don’t be shy. Own your camera in all its shitty glory.
  • But you should prooobably upgrade soon. Best ways to make some fast cash: grand theft auto or hooking.*
3.The “Balanced” photojournalist
  • You know that the gear doesn’t make the picture, but it certainly helps. As someone who upgraded from a Rebel XTi to a 5D Mark II, it comes down to a simple conclusion: some cameras can just handle more shit.
  • And by shit, I mean shit. You’re still gonna make some god-awful photos with that mkii.
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